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Radish Spirit Onsen Artisan Keycap

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These miniature diorama artisan keycaps are inspired by the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. They feature a Radish Spirit (Oshira Daikon) in an onsen (Japanese hot spring bath). These are mixed media multi-stage keycaps with both resin-casted and polymer clay elements.

The Radish Spirit symbolizes the need to cherish even the humblest elements of our lives. “Even the radish is worthy of veneration.”

Read more about onsen artisan keycaps here.

Radish Spirit onsen keycaps are individually handcrafted. Keycaps are for mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX (or clone) switches. Every keycap is slightly different, and may have small imperfections. By purchasing, you agree to buy as-is.

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