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Onsen Keycaps (Hot Springs)

Onsen (Japanese hot spring) artisan keycaps all share a resin-casted hot tub base. Onsen keycaps come in several variants, with more designs still on the way. See below for details on each style.

Capybara Onsen Keycaps

Capybaras are large rodents native to South America, but they can be seen in zoos in Japan lounging in hot springs. A Japanese zookeeper was cleaning a capybara enclosure with hot water, and the capybaras gathered to sit in the water. Upon this discovery, Japanese zoos provide capybaras with hot springs to enjoy.

Capybara onsen artisan keycaps are made in a miniature diorama style with detailed handpainting and a combination of resin casted elements and techniques.

Snow Monkey Onsen Keycaps

Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, bathe and warm up in hot springs in Japan in the winter, particularly in Jigokudani.

Japanese snow monkey onsen artisan keycaps are made in a miniature diorama style with resin casting, individually sculpted faces, and detailed handpainting.

Radish Spirit Onsen Keycaps

The Radish Spirit onsen keycaps are inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. In the film, the Radish Spirit accompanies Chihiro to the top floor of Yubaba’s bathhouse and shields her on her way. The Radish Spirit (Oshira Daikon) symbolizes that we should cherish even the humblest elements of our lives: “Even the radish is worthy of veneration.”

Radish Spirit onsen artisan keycaps are made in a miniature diorama style with detailed handpainting with resin and polymer clay components.

Ōtori-sama / Bird God Onsen Keycaps

Ōtori-sama are the bird god spirits inspired by Spirited Away. Ōtori-sama keycaps feature two bird gods in a hot spring bath.

Stink God / River Spirit Onsen Keycaps

Continuing with artisan keycaps inspired by the Miyazaki anime film Spirited Away, these two unique keycaps feature the Stink God / River Spirit in a hot spring bath.

Stink God and River Spirit keycaps are one-of-a-kind and are not available for sale. The Stink God keycap is composed of resin elements, and the River Spirit is a combination of resin casted and polymer clay elements.

Kitty Cat Onsen Keycaps

Cat onsen keycaps feature a kitty in a hot spring bath. These keycaps are mixed media resin casting and individually crafted polymer clay elements. More variations in color may be available in the future.

Dog (Shiba Inu) Onsen Keycaps

Dog onsen keycaps feature a Shiba Inu dog in a hot spring bath. Dog onsen keycaps are mixed media featuring a hand-detailed pup with resin casted elements.

Onsen Keycaps Availability

Onsen keycaps are available for sale in the shop in limited quantities. New onsen keycap designs are showcased on Instagram.

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