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Miniatures and Dioramas

I make small, collectible miniatures and dioramas by hand with polymer clay, model paints, resin, water effects, foliage materials, and more. Dioramas and miniatures are individually modeled and sculpted with clay by hand, with no digital assistance and no 3D printing. They may also include metal or ceramic elements.

I also make Miniature Food, Charms & Jewelry, and Artisan Keycaps.

3D Custom Catan Game

Explore more details of my handmade 3D Catan game in this blog post.

Studio Ghibli Dioramas

Zelda Korok Miniatures

Grogu and the Rancor Diorama

Miniatures and Dioramas

To learn more about how dioramas and collectibles are made, check out posts in the blog for detailed showcases on specific pieces of art. You can also follow me on Instagram to see works in progress, how-it’s-made videos, and miniature tutorials.

How to Buy Miniatures and Dioramas

Most of my dioramas and collectible miniatures are created for myself, family, and friends. They are not for sale in the shop, and are available selectively by commission only.

If you have questions, you can contact me on Instagram or email me.

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