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3D Catan game board

3d catan

I am currently working on a custom, handmade 3D Catan game project. I have completed the board which includes the hexagonal resource tiles and interlocking ocean border pieces. Each piece is a miniature diorama scene. My 3D Catan game is inspired by real life ancient civilizations, fantasy, science fiction, and film culture. There are many easter eggs spread throughout the game pieces. Keep an eye out for them!

3d catan

Materials Used to Build 3D Catan Board

I used the following materials to build this handmade 3D Catan game board:

  • Birch laser cut blank game pieces (CuttingEtchGA on Etsy)
  • Polymer clay (Sculpey Premo and Super Sculpey Firm)
  • Miniature acrylic paints (Vallejo, Army Painter, Citadel Colour)
  • UV epoxy resin (ResinArt)
  • Resin pigments (Jacquard PearlEx pigment powders, Smooth-on UVO pigment)
  • Model scenery (Woodland Scenics, Vallejo, AK Interactive)

Ocean Borders

Catan’s game pieces include six ocean borders that encircle the hexagonal resource tiles. The ocean borders contain resource trading ports. I made my 3D Catan board ocean with resin, pigment powders and dyes, and a heat gun to spread the resin sea foam and create a lacing effect. Additional ocean effects were added using AK Interactive model scenery materials.

There are nine ports in the base Catan game, which are:

  • (4) 3:1 ports (assorted packaged exports)
  • (1) 2:1 sheep port (wool) – Viking boat
  • (1) 2:1 wood port (lumber) – logging barge
  • (1) 2:1 wheat port (grain) – Egyptian boat
  • (1) 2:1 brick port – Chinese cargo boat
  • (1) 2:1 ore port – Roman boat

There are also three easter eggs spread around the ocean tiles.

Wheat (Field) Resource Tiles

Wood Resource Tiles (Forest)

Brick Resource Tiles (Hill)

Ore Resource Tiles (Mountain)

I had the most fun designing the ore / rock resource tile easter eggs.

Sheep Resource Tiles (Wool)

Next: Custom Civilizations for 3D Catan Players

The next phase of my 3D Catan game project entails sculpting, casting, and painting players’ game pieces. I will create custom civilization game pieces (settlements, cities, roads) for each of the members of my household. Please stay tuned for more updates! You can also find me on Threads and Mastodon.

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