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Mihi’s NoodlePad Macropad

The NoodlePad macropad is a set of custom handmade noodle keycaps I made for a NoodlePad v2 by Mad Noodle Prototypes. Noodle keycaps are mixed media with resin-casted bases and bowls / plates and polymer clay and resin foods. All artisan keycaps in this macropad are based on noodle dishes.

Noodle artisan keycaps from the top left to bottom right:

  • Tonkotsu ramen
  • Shrimp tempura udon
  • Pho bo
  • Szechuan noodles
  • Hiyashi chūka (cold ramen)
  • Tofu pad thai
  • Zaru soba with grated radish and wasabi
  • Shrimp lo mein

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