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Alien / Xenomorph Keycaps (Hug Me, Kane, LV426)

The xenomorph alien keycaps were created in several variants: a facehugger with a damaged leg, causing acid to “burn through” the keycap itself (both original polymer clay and a resin-casted version), a one-of-a-kind polymer clay chestburster variant, a second variant of the chestburster in resin called Kane, and two adult xenomorph sculpts, one unique polymer clay and one resin variant called LV426.

Hug Me (Facehugger) Keycaps

Kane (Chestburster) Keycaps

Xenomorph keycaps (with facehugger emergence sculpture)

LV426 (Xenomorph Drone) Alien Keycaps

LV426 xenomorph drone resin keycap

Alien Keycaps Availability

The xenomorph facehugger “Hug Me” Alien keycap is available in the backlit handpainted clear resin version. Announcements of FCFS will be made on Instagram and purchases can be made in the shop. The Kane chestburster is not available.

The LV426 variant of the xenomorph drone will be available via raffle on Instagram in the future.

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