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Ōotori-sama Keycap Raffle Form

Please fill out the following form to enter the raffle to win an opportunity to purchase an Ōotori-sama [Spirited Away] polymer clay + resin artisan keycap by Mihi Mini Studio. This keycap is part of the limited edition Mihi’s Miyazakeys series.

Keycap fits Cherry MX (and clone) switches.

Ōotori-sama Keycap

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. Individually handmade polymer clay keycap over PBT Cherry MX blank with resin water, shaded and detailed with miniature paint & wash, multi-coat matte varnish for protection.

Raffle Schedule

This raffle form will be open for ~24 hours. ONE winner will be drawn August 18, 2021 using Random Number Generator around 10:00am Eastern. Winner will be notified via the email provided with raffle entry.

Terms & Conditions

1) Keycaps are designed, individually hand-sculpted, painted, and finished by Mihi Mini Studio (I am an individual artisan, not a collective or group).

2) Filling out the form will enter you into a raffle to win the opportunity to purchase a keycap. Entry does NOT guarantee win.

3) Winner will be drawn by Random Number Generator. Winner will receive an invoice sent to the email specified in this form.

4) Winner has 24 hours to pay their invoice. Failure to pay will result in the invoice being canceled and a new winner being drawn from the remaining entrants. If you do not pay your invoice within 24 hours without communicating extenuating circumstances, you will be permanently banned from future raffles. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but it has happened too many times to be allowed to continue.

5) Keycaps are handmade, and may contain small flaws or differences between products.

6) Please do not discard the authentication card that comes with your keycap, should you win. This is proof of authenticity.

7) The keycap is made to fit Cherry MX (and clone) switches.

8) Please check your packaging thoroughly if you win and receive a keycap, to avoid accidentally discarding any free gifts included with your purchase.

9) Winner’s keycap will be shipped in sustainable packaging. Please compost / recycle / reuse at least some of the packaging, to help preserve our earth! ♻️🌏❤️

10) Please use care when mounting the keycap. This keycap has delicate pieces that can be damaged by excessive force and fits Cherry MX switches snugly. I will NOT replace or refund for damages from mounting or use. If you damage the keycap, please contact me for advice on how to repair it.


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