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Secret Santa 2021 – Mystery Sale

This sale is a “Secret Santa,” only instead of people buying mystery gifts for each other and swapping them, you choose how much YOU want to pay, and I will send you mystery gifts based on your interests!

Sale Closed – maximum capacity reached

This sale is closed. I have received the maximum number of participants that I can feasibly accommodate at this time — thank you for your interest!

How it Works

  • You tell me what types of handmade items you’re interested in: keycaps, miniatures, and/or jewelry.
  • You tell me about yourself and your likes and interests. You should be general but thorough, and provide as much information as possible in order to receive gifts that are best suited for you. Do not be overly specific in what you want to request: you will not be able to request particular items, and doing so will disqualify your entry. However, you CAN provide information in a way that you think might lead me to send you certain types of things. 😉
  • You tell me how much you want to pay for handmade items. This can be a US dollar amount anywhere from $8 up to $100. Keycaps start at $8 and miniatures start at $15. If keycaps are one of your selections, seller (not buyer) chooses between resin and polymer clay keycaps.
  • Your number of gifts sent depends on your selected categories, your interests, and the amount you choose to pay. Gifts are determined by the maker (Mihi). For example, you could potentially pay $40 and receive several resin artisan keycaps and a miniature, or pay $100 and receive one ultra-limited or unique polymer clay keycap made just for you. You will not know until your mystery gift(s) arrive! 🤫
  • I will send invoices to the number of valid entrants that can feasibly be handled, stock-wise and crafting-wise, based on my time / availability. ALL entrants will receive an email (whether you receive an invoice or not), so you can expect to be notified of W / L.
  • Once the invoice is paid, gifts will be shipped before December 24, 2021. You will receive a tracking number once your items have been sent.

What Makes This Sale Special?

This is an opportunity to potentially receive exclusive items that do not go up for sale, or might normally be considered commissions / special orders under other circumstances (such as limited or custom polymer clay keycaps, items from raffles that have ended and are not on deck to repeat, or other items that are normally not available for sale at all). The reason this is possible is because the seller will choose which items to make / send to people based on their interests and dollar amount committed.

Please be aware that if you choose to pay $8 and select keycaps, you probably shouldn’t expect a custom polymer clay exclusive keycap for that price. 🙃 (This IS a sale: everything is less expensive than normal during the Secret Santa Sale — but you can take a quick peek at the shop or the commissions page to set some general expectations and get an idea of how non-sale pricing normally works.)

I know this is pretty different, but I really hope it makes things fun for everyone (including me)!

What Can You Expect?

Here are some EXAMPLES of the types of handmade items that can potentially be sent out during this sale. Some items shown below may be included in orders, and others will be new / not pictured:

Terms & Conditions

1) Participants do not choose the specific item(s) they will receive in this sale; whatever gifts that are sent are chosen by the seller based on the participant’s description of themself, their interests, their gift category selections, and the amount paid.

2) Participants understand that this is an opportunity to obtain exclusives, one-of-a-kind items, and items that may or may not ever be available for purchase by other means. However, this is also not by any means a guarantee of exclusivity.

3) Filling out the form provides a chance to participate in the Secret Santa Mystery Sale. Rules must be followed precisely; deviation from the rules will disqualify an entry.

4) Selected entries will receive a PayPal invoice via the email provided in the form entry.

5) Selected entries have 24 hours to pay their invoices. Failure to pay will result in the invoice being canceled and a new entry being drawn from the remaining entrants.

6) All items are handmade, and may contain small flaws or differences between products.

7) Please do not discard the authentication card that comes shipped with item(s). This is proof of authenticity.

8) All keycaps (polymer clay and resin) fit Cherry MX (and clone) switches.

9) The minimum entry fee is $8 USD (+ shipping). Maximum fee is $100. Any other amount from $8 – $100 is valid (with the understanding that $15 is the minimum for miniatures). Amounts outside of this range will disqualify the entry. The value of gifts sent is determined by the seller. Your financial commitment is entirely up to you, and you accept that the maker (Mihi) determines the value of items appropriately at their discretion.

10) Shipping times will vary greatly depending on the shipment contents. All items for all participants will ship by December 24, 2021 — but it is possible some things will not arrive until after Christmas. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number at the email you’ve provided in the form.

11) Gift shipments will have interior packaging, so you can open the shipping packaging and remove gifts without fully unwrapping them. However, if you are saving your gift(s) for a special occasion or holiday, I recommend leaving the exterior packaging unopened until that time.

12) Custom-made and/or unique gifts will be photographed, and I may post photos publicly on Mihi Mini Studio’s Instagram after December 25 and after confirmation of shipment delivered via tracking numbers. (Photos will not be shared prior to Christmas + receipt confirmation to avoid spoiling surprises.)

13) Items will be shipped in sustainable packaging. Please compost / recycle / reuse at least some of the packaging, to help preserve our earth! ♻️🌎💚

Join the Secret Santa Sale!

Sale Closed – maximum capacity reached

This sale is closed. I have received the maximum number of participants that I can feasibly accommodate at this time — thank you for your interest!

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