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Renewal Nest Keycaps

Renewal is a resin artisan keycap featuring a nest with three eggs and a little beetle on a tree bark base. Renewal is available in a variety of colorways, including multishot and detailed handpainted. I’m currently writing a series of blog posts on how to make resin artisan keycaps, featuring the process for making Renewal. You can read the series in the blog here.

Easter Renewal with Accessories

The Renewal artisan nest keycap also has a version with accessories that was created as an Easter holiday special edition. This Easter keycap features an empty nest with a dyed Easter egg, a foil-wrapped chocolate bunny, and a marshmallow Peep-inspired bird. The nest and accessories are magnetized so that they stick together.

Renewal Availability

Renewal is available occasionally in the shop. New castings are featured on Instagram.

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