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Introducing: “Notako” Dog Artisan Keycap

Notako is a new resin artisan keycap by yours truly at Mihi Mini Studio. This sculpt features a cartoon dog scowling and holding a ball, inspired by my own dog’s behavior, and of course by the “No take, only throw” comic-now-turned-meme:

Launch Colorways

Notako launched in the following epoxy resin castings / colorways:

  • Hand-painted variants (cast in resin, then primed and painted with Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter model paints and washes, satin and matte varnishes)
  • Cold cast antique gold (burnished with 0000 steel wool, black polish, gloss varnish). Cold casts of Notako are intended to honor the style and spirit of the statue of Hachikō.

How To Buy Notako

Notako is available via custom order or occasionally in the shop. To hear if sales take place, you can follow me on Instagram at

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