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Mihi’s “Miyazakey” Keycap Series

miyazaki miniature artisan keycaps

A while back, I began a little project that ended up taking on a life of its own. I wanted to make a pair of No Face keycaps inspired by Spirited Away (one “normal” and one “hangry” version with a creepy mouth / teeth / tongue). After making these (and selling / gifting some of them), the project began to expand and grow until I decided I needed to fill an entire row on a keyboard with Miyazakeys.

Mihi’s Miyazakeyboard

The Miyazakeys

Below are mini-galleries of each of the Miyazakeys, some with additional photos showing how they were composed and created. The Miyazakeys (with one exception for the resin encapsulated Ponyo, which will likely result in another Ponyo version in the future to better match the set) are individually hand-made polymer clay keycaps. I find that polymer clay better captures the whimsical, nuanced detail of Studio Ghibli characters and animation style.

Derelict Guardian (inspired by Laputa Castle in the Sky)
Totoro with leaf hat (inspired by My Neighbor Totoro)
Angry ohmu in the wasteland and tranquil ohmu in the toxic jungle (inspired by Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind); I wrote a detailed blog post about how the ohmu keycaps were made
No Face and “hangry” No Face (inspired by Spirited Away)

If you’d like to see more of my Miyazaki-inspired artwork, check out my Princess Mononoke mini dioramas and my No Face smorgasbord diorama.

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