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Mihi’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Keycaps

I’m very excited to introduce my latest project: Breath of the Wild keycaps! I can now present my artisan keycap series inspired by the Nintendo Switch video game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I made all keycaps by hand with polymer clay, miniature paints, various pigments, and resin and/or diorama effects.

In previous blog posts, I discussed the reasons I love making polymer clay keycaps. I also shared my last big polymer clay artisan keycap project: the Miyazakeyboard. Finally, I’ve shared my keycap creation storytelling philosophy. My Breath of the Wild keycaps are a continuation of all of those values, principles, and creation experiences.

You can check out the finished mechanical number pad below, in photo and video:

zelda breath of the wild keycaps

Check out the image gallery below to view individual keycaps in this series. If you’d like to learn much more about each individual keycap, its design, inspiration, and construction, please visit the Artisan Keycaps subpage on my website: Zelda Keycaps: Breath of the Wild.

The keycaps are currently mounted on a Leopold mechanical number pad with Cherry MX Blue switches. Originally, a Yampad was home to the keycap series, but I ultimately wanted to make more keycaps and was happy to move them to the Leopold (while the Yampad contains my fossil dig site keycap set now).

This keycap set is a personal project. I do not currently have intentions to make any duplicates. I also don’t intend to sell the number pad or any of the current keycaps. If any Breath of the Wild keycaps do end up available for sale for any reason in the future, I will make announcements on Instagram. I will also send out updates through my email newsletter.

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